Bikes are designed to go as fast as possible while making sure of the rider’s safety. They are mostly featured as skeletons of bicycles, but there is a reason why it looks bare. This is because everything is toned down to save weight and improve aerodynamics, which is crucial if you want to go as fast as you can. These two factors will help give more speed. There are lots of gears for the racing bikes, but they are clustered together so that the biker can choose immediately which gear to use for the occasion. The riding position is hunched over for less resistance. Some will prefer drop handlebars, which will cost the rider to hunch over more. The tires are skinny and high pressured, and one mistake on a hole can puncture it.

Types of Racing Bikes

There are different types of racing bikes. The most common is the standard race bike, which is perfect for riding on the road. The riding position is hunched over, but still high enough which enables the rider to see where they’re going. It is also pretty fast.

Another would be the time trial bike. It is designed to go as fast as possible around a circuit or an oval on a closed-off road. The riders are very much hunched over. Some people would prefer the use of extensions on the handlebars, to get a better grip on the handles and to get their hands forward. Others would attach smaller front wheels to modify the riding position to something even lower than the usual.

Another would be the track racing bike, which is used to race indoors on oval circuits. There is a single fixed-gear with absolutely no brakes. A rider can only stop by slowing down the way he pedals, and the gear makes it impossible to quickly stop pedaling. This racing bike is stripped down to the bare minimum with no extras to make it lighter and faster.

Remarks for the Racing Bikes

On the plus side, racing bikes are super fast. The slick tires have very little drag on the road and the aerodynamic position keeps the wind drag to minimal. On the other hand, because the bicycle is very skinny, it is often called as uncomfortable by riders. The tires do not absorb much of the vibration when it comes to rough roads, and the hunched-over position can be very painful too.

Whatever your speed thrill is, the racing bike will probably outstrip it. Racing bikes are light, fast, and very versatile. They can pass through very narrow places and leave that cop car in the dust. If things get sticky, racing bike rider will just pull his throttle downward, and the next you know is the dust in your eyes.

Buying Racing Bikes

If you are interested in buying a racing bike, you can look for a website offering such on the Internet. You can also look at bicycle magazines or newspaper ads. They feature racing bikes for sale, there will so many for you to choose from. Remember though that if you want to buy it online, you can check first if the website is legitimate so as not to waste money.