About Formula One Racing

There are so many brands and types of auto racing within the industry, but one popular auto racing event that has become even more popular in recent years is Formula One auto racing. Formula One auto racing is also just called F1 racing, but the most interesting part about this racing scene is that the facts differ slightly from NASCAR or any other professional auto racing events. If you’re just getting started in the auto racing business then it would also be beneficial to know that Formula One is not just a favorite pastime, but many people turn it into a profession over time. Here are a few important things that are in Formula One racing:

The first thing that someone should know about Formula One racing is that the special types of automobiles that are used during the racing events. The cars that are raced are not just any automobile, but there are specifications and instructions for how the racecar is to be built. The cars that are used in the races are usually hand-built by auto racing enthusiasts, which is another reason that people are able to make a career out of this type of racing. They also get sponsored by large companies and small companies such as It’s Time Home Renovation. Another interesting fact about the auto racing cars that are involved with F1 racing is that the main engine of the car is sitting behind the individual; however, there is an open cockpit which also makes the race more interesting. All of the designs of the car are usually very different anyway, so there’s no need for anyone to take issue with how they’re built.

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Different Forms Of Racing

Racing has a number of different forms, including foot, horse, dog, airplane, boat, car, motorcycle, and bicycle. The object in any kind of racing is to win. Being the fastest is what makes the champion. Coming in second normally doesn’t count.

We know from old painted pottery that the foot race was a popular event with the ancient Greeks. Today there are both outdoor and indoor forms of foot racing. The most common forms of racing are the sprints, hurdles and relays. Distances of the races vary. The first race marathon in modern times was organized in 1896. It was approximately 34km in distance. Today, the marathon is around 38km. The very first Olympic marathon for women was held in 1928. Today, there are different types of marathons, usually organized by a specific charity, such as breast cancer, within a city.

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Racing Bikes And The Future Of Racing

Bikes are designed to go as fast as possible while making sure of the rider’s safety. They are mostly featured as skeletons of bicycles, but there is a reason why it looks bare. This is because everything is toned down to save weight and improve aerodynamics, which is crucial if you want to go as fast as you can. These two factors will help give more speed. There are lots of gears for the racing bikes, but they are clustered together so that the biker can choose immediately which gear to use for the occasion. The riding position is hunched over for less resistance. Some will prefer drop handlebars, which will cost the rider to hunch over more. The tires are skinny and high pressured, and one mistake on a hole can puncture it. Continue reading “Racing Bikes And The Future Of Racing”

Bike and Run Adventure Racing on a Budget Part 2

December 2005, a barmy evening camped by the sea saw Gerard Fusil going over the gathered teams from France, Oman, UK, Réunion, Austria, Holland, and Australia. Most of the teams had arrived in the morning so had very little time to prepare. Support vehicles were shared by two teams, so competitors spent the night going over maps and packing gear into the vehicles by torchlight.

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Bike and Run Adventure Racing on a Budget Part 1

A man who would always put his ideas into action and others would follow is Gerald Fusil. The founder of the Raid Gauloises, The world’s first expedition race is always on the lookout to expand the sport. The cost of competing in adventure racing has reached a level that few teams can even now afford. Adventure racers and the organizers are faced with high travel and insurance costs. One way to get racers is to offer large sums in prize money, and top teams can make a living, but what about the average racer.

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Beginner Adventure Racing Advice – Getting Started Adventure Racing

Where does the beginner adventure racing start out, what plan for adventure racing should I use? What adventure racing equipment is needed? What will race day be like? These are some questions answered by Beginner adventure racing advice.

Some racers will come from a tri-athelon background and for them the conversion is easy. It is just a matter of replacing swimming with canoeing or kayaking.

A workout plan for adventure racing will need to be scheduled for 6 – 8 weeks prior to the event putting in training on the three basic disciplines, running, mountain biking and kayaking. A lot of beginner adventure racing leave out training in Kayaking and canoeing. Most times kayaks or canoes are supplied by the race organizer.

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